Elitsa Kostova at BTC - interview!

Elitsa Kostova at BTC - interview!

In 2016 she celebrated her biggest triumph, winning the 100 000 USD ITF tournament in Budapest. Now, she is the No2 player in Bulgarian women’s tennis, so it is a great honor, that Elitsa Kostova chose our club for the most important part of her off season training. ​

- Why did you choose Budai Tenisz Centrum as the place of your main winter preparation?

"- I started to plan a long time ago, which place will be ideal for my off season. This is a very important part of the next season. I had few options, but after the reconciliation with my friend Krisztián Molnár and with my coach, who arrived ten days after the start of preparation, I said, why not Budapest. The facility is great, because everything is in the same place. You don’t need to travel to the gym, it’s right here in the building with the restaurant and the rehab center. It’s very convenient for the players. In the past my off seasons were always outdoors, with warm weather. But now I wanted to improve my indoor game, it’s faster. I considered some other aspects, but I decided to come here. I’m very satisfied with the decision and with the surroundings. "

- How much time did you spend here?

"- This is my third week at BTC. I had one trip to France, for three days. I will be here until the 23rd December. After that I’m going home for a week with my coach."

- The 2019 season will begin in warm conditions and outdoors. It’s not a problem for you that you found cold weather here?

"- I don’t look at it that way. I want to improve my game and I want to be a faster player. We know that indoor is always faster, while at outdoors you have more time to adjust, so I decided to work indoors and improve my overall game. The sun and the wind is a different thing, but I have been playing tennis for so many years, I have enough experience to adjust quickly to these conditions."

-What is your opinion about the 2018 season and looking forward to 2019?

"- Obviously everybody always wants to achieve more. If we don’t want more, we don’t spend this many hours perfecting our game. I have had very consistent years, I was always between 130 and 200. I had good tournaments, but of course I want to achieve more in the future. I’m ready for that. Every day I feel I’m getting closer. It’s not only about tennis, but it’s also mental. I’m trying to work on all these things. I feel that every day I’m closer to the point where I want to be. "

- What is your schedule before the Australian Open?

"- I decided to have a longer off season this year with no second winter preparation. Last year I did two off seasons, three weeks before Melbourne and two weeks after the Australian Open. Now I will have more tournaments, but with no second stop. I will have enough events during the 2019 season. "

- Who are your sparing partners at the BTC?

"- I played with Beni (coach Kaszás Benjámin), Dominik (older son of coach Péter Kisantal) and Gréta (Arn). They were great! I don’t mind to practice with other girls, it’s okay for me. But it’s good to play with men, because you don’t have the pressure, you don’t have the problem to hit with full power. Against the girls it’s more competitive, you have a little bit of prestige involved. "

- What’s your opinion about Budapest?

"- The city is gorgeous. I’m sorry that I haven’t had much time to visit places. I have been here many times, and I’m always really impressed with the architecture, with the look of Budapest, with so many tourists. It’s really cosmopolitan and I like it. "

- What do you think about the women’s tennis, nowadays?

"- It’s getting better and better, each year. And it’s faster and faster. You see more amazing rallies. Even the girls in top500 play so well. Everybody have the potential to be higher. The technology is much better, so you improve new things. Now you can believe more in impossible. And the girls constantly improve physically with the new technologies. The coaches also improve their knowledge and they try to work harder. "

Photo: Péter Zádor